Year In Review

Seeing as how 2015 is here, I thought I would take a look back at what's happened here on the blog during 2014. This past year saw several significant changes: new design, more content, and more traffic. As I've already covered the new design here I'll discuss my content strategy and the resulting traffic. When creating content there's always a fine balance to be struck between quantity and quality. Ideally you would have both but sometimes that's difficult to do. When I redesigned the site towards the beginning of the year I made a commitment to myself to post new content on a regular basis. In addition I've always tried to pick topics or things that are practical or relevant. That way my content is useful and valuable to those reading.

Ultimately that means more traffic and I'm proud to say that 2014 was crazy in terms of traffic increase. I use Google Analytics (it's indespensible, btw) to track my audience and learn how they interact with my site. During 2014 almost every metric saw ridiculous increase. In fact, there are three that I'm specifically excited about. First is the number of users, which increased by 2,271%. Similarly the number of sessions went up 2,856% and the average length of those sessions increased by 89%. These percentages are all based on a direct comparison to the previous years' numbers.

I say all of that to say THANK YOU!!! This past year has been great and I'm thankful that my blog posts have been useful to some. I'm excited for the new year and the upcoming announcements/projects. So stay tuned because I'm planning/hoping that 2015 will repeat and surpass the success of 2014.

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