WardrobeCMS Redesign

Unfortunately, because of how busy I normally am, this blog/site has languished for quite some time without new content or updates. Luckily, during that past year I've begun using Laravel which dramatically eases development and shortens the time it takes to make changes. I recently discovered WardrobeCMS which is a blog/cms package intended to be used with Laravel. So I figured it was time to give the site some TLC. I've updated the design to be more modern and minimal while adding a simple, easy to use, yet powerful blogging engine. To top it all off, my personal site is now built on top of Laravel which makes me happy for several reasons. If you haven't heard of or used Laravel before, it's a great PHP framework that's been gaining quite a bit of momentum in the past 6-12 months. It uses composer for handling dependencies and as such can utlize anything from packagist. Overall Laravel makes adding features to a site a breeze while still being extremely flexible and customizable.

I'm wanting to post a new blog every week or so covering a wide range of topics including back-end dev, front-end dev, mobile dev, and even some desktop dev. So follow me on twitter to be sure you catch all of the upcoming posts!

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